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Archeological Tour

Ethiopia is the birth place of early man, places of early stone tools also exist. take a look at the following suggested tour itineraries, please note you can always ask for a program that exactly fits in to your time and interest:


Tekle Hagos
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Archaeological surveys, excavations, conservations, workshop organization, project proposal writing, lecture in Ethiopian archaeology and history, advise, consultancy, professional guidance to the World Heritage Site of Aksum, Yeha and the archaeological sites of northern Ethiopia. Download CV here

Danakil Depression with Lalibela

Afar region is the lowest and hottest area of the desolate Denakil depression and home to afar people. It is one of the lowest points on earth not covered by water..
Danakil Depression with Lalibela

Melka Kunture, Adadimariam, Tiya Steles

Melaka Kunture is an archaeological site near the Awash River...
Melka Kunture, Adadimariam, Tiya Steles

Tour of Axum

You fly to Axum to the place...
Tour of Axum

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