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TST 003
Historical Route with Harrar and Dire Dawa
On this tour, you will be able to cover the whole classic historic route with few rock-hewn churches of Tigray plus Harrar.....
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Title:Historical Route with Harrar and Dire Dawa

Tour Code:TST 003

Duration:17 days/16 nights


On this tour, you will be able to cover the whole classic historic route with few rock-hewn churches of Tigray plus Harrar. You will first drive to Debermarkos while on the road visiting Debrelibanos Monastery and Blue Nile Gorge. Then you will proceed to Bahirdar and have a boat trip to visit the nearby lying monasteries of Lake Tana islands. In the afternoon you will have a visit of Blue Nile Falls.

In Gonder you will visit the castle compound and Deberbirhan Selassie church .Then you will have an excursion trip to the Simien mountain national parks. Then you will drive to Axum admiring the spectacular mountain scenery and Tekeze Gorge. In Axum you will visit the single Stone building like stele and other archaeological sites of historic importance. Then you will add Yeha and about three rocks –hewn churches of Tigray. Then you will proceed to Lalibela to Visit the eleven rock hewn churches. Drive throught Ambalage and Alamata chain of Mountains you will appear in Kombolcha to drive the next morning to Awash. Passing one day in Awash national park you will continue to Harrar.You will visit the Hyena man performance and walled city of Harrar.


Day 01: December 14/2011

Arrive in Addis Ababa and transfer to hotel.

Meals plan: Dinner

Overnight: Jupiter International Hotel.

Day 02: December 15/2011

Drive to visit DebreLibanos Monastery (13th century) and the spectacular Blue Nile gorge. Then, proceed along the rolling plateaus and farm lands of Gojjam to Bahirdar.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Summer Land Hotel.

Day 03: December 16/2011

In the morning, boat trip on Lake Tana to see beautiful island monasteries and their valuable treasures which includes biblical wall paintings, crowns of different Ethiopian Kings, ancient illuminated parchment books, and superb crosses etc. In the afternoon, excursion to the magnificent Blue Nile Falls, It is about 400 meter wide with full flood (in June, July and August to mid September).

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Summer Land Hotel.

Day 04: December 17/2011

In the morning, proceed to Gondar. On the way with a little detour from the main road, you visit the village of the Awramba society (unique society in Ethiopia for their life style (philosophy) and custom) and their colorful woven products. Then continue to Gonder.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Goha hotel.

Day 05: December 18/2011

Tour of Gondar which includes the visit the Royal Enclosure with its magnificent castles dated from the 17th and 18th century (world heritage site), the bath of king Fasiledes, the remarkable church of Debrebrihan Selassie with its breathtaking 17th century wall and ceiling paintings. Also, you visit the ruins of Qusqwam Palace. In the afternoon, drive via Debark to the Simien Mountains National Park (World Heritage Site) then spend the night in lodge.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Semien Lodge.

Day 06: December 19/2011

Morning drives to Sankaber and then, trek to the surrounding escarpments and view points of Sankaber. You have chance to spot one of the endemic animals of the park the bleeding heart baboon (Galada Baboon). Then, drive further to Chenek and walk to see more spectacular view points, magnificent land forms, unique flora and fauna. On this day, you will have the opportunity to see the graceful endemic Walia Ibex. Then, drive back to your lodge.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Semien Lodge.

Day 07: December 20/2011

Admiring the unique flora such as the Abyssinian wild rose and the Giant Lobelia, fauna and the stunning scenery leave the Semien Mountains via one of the most scenic roads of Ethiopia called Limalimo and the spectacular Tekeze Gorge to Axum. En route, on your right side of the road, you will have chance to gaze over parts of the Semien Mountains.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Remhai Hotel.

Day 08: December 21/2011


Full day visit of Axum which includes the famous stele park with its huge monolithic obelisks, the ruined palace of the Queen of Sheba, ancient stone inscriptions, the ruined palace of king kaleb and his son, subterranean tombs of different Axumite kings, the church of St. Mary of Zion which is believed to house the Original Ark of the covenant etc.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Remhai Hotel.

Day 09: December 22/2011

Drive via Gherealta to Mekele. En-route, you visit the ancient Temple of Yeha (5th. C.BC), the rock churches of DugumSillassie, AbrehaAtsbeha and Wukro Kirkos.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Axum Hotel.

Day 10: December 23/2011

After breakfast leave for Lalibela passing through the stunning scenery of the North central Massif and the Tigrean plateau arriving Lalibela late afternoon.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: mountain View hotel.

Day 11: December 24/2011

In the morning, visit of the first and second group of King Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches (World Heritage Site). Although all of these churches are carved out of huge blocks of rocks, each of them displays unique architectural features from the other.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: mountain View.

Day 12: December 25/2011

Drive to Kombolcha via many small towns of Wollo province including the historical town of Wuchale, where the controversial Treaty of Wuchale is signed between Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia and Italy which ultimately led to the famous battle of Adwa in 1896. En-route, depending on time availability, you visit Hayk Stephanos Monastery.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Sunny side Hotel.

Day 13: December 26/2011

Drive via Bati and across the region of the Afar people to Awash. En-route visits the Afar camel and goat herders.

Meals plan: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Overnight: Awash Falls Lodge.

Day 14: December 27/2011

Game drives in Awash National Park and visit Awash River gorge and Awash River Falls. The thorny bushes of Awash National Park supports not only beautiful birds but also some mammals such as Beisa Oryx, Sommering’s Gazelle, Salt’s Dik Dik, Warthog, Black backed Jackal, Hamadriyas Baboon, Greater and Lesser Kudus. In the Afternoon, drive to the Walled City of Harar.

Meals plan: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Heritage Plaza

Day 15: December 28/2011

Tour of the old wall of Harar; this 5m-high wall was erected by NurIbn al-Wazir Mujahid. In addition to the wall and its gates, you visit Harari museum, and the former house of the famous French poet_ Arthur Rimbaud. Harar is regarded as one of the Holiest cities of the Muslim world. In the afternoon, visit of a typical Harari house and its beautiful basketry works. In the evening, you attend the hyena-man performance who feeds hyenas from his hand and a stick which is firmly held in his mouth.

Meals plan: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Overnight: Heritage Plaza

Day 16: December 29/2011

Drive to Dire Dawa. Visit of the ancient cave painting at LegeOda and the market at Afetisa, then drive to the capital of Oromyia region Nazreth. On the way, little de-tour at Kulibi saint Gabriel church yearly celebration one of orthodox to take a photograph.

Meals plan: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner

Overnight: Safari Lodge

Day 17: December 30/2011

Drive back to Addis Ababa and sight seeing tour of Addis Ababa which includes the Ethnological Museum in the former palace of King Hailesillassie, the Archaeological Museum where, among other archaeological findings, the oldest hominid fossil is exhibited, Entoto View point, and Merkato_the largest open-air market in Africa. In the evening, you will be invited traditional dinner in one of the best traditional restaurants of the capital with a cultural show of the different Ethiopian people. Then transfer to the airport for your flight back home. End of service.

Meals plan: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

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