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TST 4001
South and historic Ethiopia tour
This tour covers the southern and northern part of Ethiopia following...
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Title: South and historic Ethiopia tour

Tour Code: TST 4001

Duration: 26 nights and 27 days

Included visits/activities

Omo Valley is one of the few remaining places in the world where genuine tribal life is exhibited. Take a look at the following suggested tour itineraries; please note you can always ask for a program that exactly fits into your time and interest.

This tour covers the southern and northern part of Ethiopia following the route of the tribal ring and the historic attraction. Your first stop from Addis is Langano to see the neighboring Abjata Shalla Park, and then you will continue to Arbaminch and explore the village of Dorze people. At Dorze you will visit the beehive shaped houses of the people and their local handicraft works. Another full day at Arbaminch to cover both game drive with in the scenic Netch Sar national park and a boat ride on lake Chamo is necessary.

What is often called the crocodile market, the hippos and a beautiful bird activity is part of the boat ride. Konso is the next point of interest where you will visit the traditional terracing system of the people, their villages like the New York (the Natural Ruggedness of the land makes the village appears like the New York City) and the compound of the Konso chief. Jinka is your next stop while on the road visiting the people of Tsemay at Weito, up on arrival you will directly continue to Ari village. Their compound is one of the most neat and attractive to eyes, their villages too is filled with fruity plants and coffee tree.

Your next move will take you deep in to the Mago national park, first you will go in to the Mursi villages. These people are one of the extra ordinary people. They put clay on their lips and the men bear scarifications on their bodies. Today you will camp for the first time. Crossing throughout the Mago national park, you will head towards Murulle for Karo people who adore painting themselves in the image of the plumage of the guinea fowls and then to Omorate for the people of Geleb and towards Turmi for the people of Hamer.

If your arrival at Turmi lies on Monday, it will be a big opportunity to explore the people on their market day. Other people like Karo and Dassanech will be available in the market. You will drive back to Konso meeting the people of Erbore, and you will continue to Yabello to the Borena people. At El sod Crater Lake, the Borena men, using stick and their hands and diving in to the marshy lake, extract salt for their animals. Dublock Singing well will also be visited, and you will drive to Awassa through the international road that connects Ethiopia and Kenya. On the way you might visit the Tutu Fella archaeological site. At Awassa visiting the fish market, you will directly drive to Awash for the park and Awash fall.

Then you will cross the region of the Afar people and go into the region of the Northern Amhara people. From Kombolcha you will drive to Lalibela to the place of the famous rock hewn churches and the outlying churches. Through the spectacular view region of Ambalague and Alamatta , you will arrive at Mekele. Visiting about three Tigray rock Hewn churches and adding Yeha and Debredamo , you will arrive at Axum to visit the stele site and other important points. As you drive south to Gonder, you will pass through the most dramatic chain of mountains (The Semien ) and Tekezie Gorge. Visiting the city of castles, you will hurry for a half-day boat trip on Lake Tana to visit some nearby monasteries in the Island. Morning you will visit the Blue Nile falls and in the afternoon you are in Debrmarkos, then the Blue Nile Gorge, Debrelianos Monastery, and end your trip in Addis visiting the largest Open-air market MERKATO.

This program can be done in the reverse order.


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