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TST 2008
The standard historic tour by flight
The Blue Nile fall and Half day boat trip on lake Tana to visit the nearest...
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Title: The standard historic tour by flight

Tour Code: TST 2008

Duration: 5 nights and 6 days.

Included visits/activities

In a country of long history and diverse races there are many things to inspire and satisfy the interest of culture seekers. Take a look at the following suggested tour itineraries; please note you can always ask for a program that exactly fits into your time and interest:

The Blue Nile fall and Half day boat trip on lake Tana to visit the nearest monasteries including URA KIDANE MEHERET.The castle compound of Gonder and Debrebirhan Selasie church, the Eleven rock hewn churches of Lalibela , the archeological sites and tourist interest spots including the Axum Obelisk and Aksum Tsion Church will be included in this tour.


Day 01

Arrive in Addis Ababa meet our representatives, and transfer to hotel.

Overnight- Jupiter International Hotel/ Similar Hotel

Day 02

Transfer to the airport and fly to Bahirdar. After check in to the hotel, you drive to the magnificent Blue Nile Falls. It is about 400 meter wide with full flood (in June, July and August to mid - September). In the afternoon, set out for a boat trip on Lake Tana to see beautiful island monasteries and their valuable treasures which include biblical wall paintings, crowns of different Ethiopian Kings, ancient illuminated parchment books, superb crosses etc.

Overnight-Summerland Hotel/Similar

Day 03

Fly to Gondar and visit The Royal Enclosure with its magnificent Castles dated from the17th and 18th century- World Heritage Site), royal pool of King Fasiledes and also remarkable church of Debrebrihan Selassie with its breathtaking 17th Century wall and ceiling paintings.

Overnight-Goha Hotel/Similar

Day 04

Transfer to the airport to fly to Lalibela. After check in to the hotel visit the first and second group of King Lalibela's 12th.C.Rockhewn churches (World Heritage Site). Although all of these churches are carved out of huge blocks of rocks, each of them displays unique architectural features from the other.

Overnight -Mountain View Hotel

Day 05

In the morning, transfer to the airport to fly to Axum. In Axum (world heritage site), Visit the famous stele park with its ancient huge monolithic obelisks, ruined palaces of different Axumit kings including that of the Queen of Sheba, ancient stone inscriptions, subterranean tombs, the small but rich archeological site museum of Axum and the church of St. Mary of Zion where the original Ark of the Covenant is believed to be housed etc.

Overnight - Remhai Hotel/Similar.

Day 06

Finalize your visit of Axum and get transferred to the airport and fly back to Addis Ababa. Then, sightseeing tour in Addis Ababa which includes; the Ethnological Museum in the former palace of King Hailesillassie, the National (Archaeological) Museum where, among other archaeological findings, the oldest hominid fossil (Lucy) is exhibited, Merkato_ the largest open air market in Africa and the superb Holy Trinity Cathedral. In the evening, you will be invited farewell dinner in one of the best traditional restaurants of the capital with a show of folkloric music and dances of the different Ethiopian people. Transfer to air port to your departure flight.

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