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short tour of Omo Valley tribes
On the first day you board on Ethiopian airlines in Addis Ababa to fly to Arbaminch. In getting there,...
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Title:short tour of Omo Valley tribes

Tour Code:Tst-Akos

Duration:5 Nights/ 6 Days

Included: Visits/activities

On the first day you board on Ethiopian airlines in Addis Ababa to fly to Arbaminch. In getting there, visit Netch Sar National Park for its beautiful fauna life. On the next day and very early in the morning, drive to Turmi. After quick lunch, set out for excursion trip t Omorate to visit the Dassanatch people famous their body painting.  Leave the heart of Hamer a cross Dimeka and Key Afer to Jinka town. Along the way visit the Benna village followed by the Key Afer market and in reaching Jinka, visit the fertile village of the Ari people. Monday, you drive across the heart of Mago National Park to visit the Mursi tribe whose women have a distinctive culture of inserting geometrical lip plates in the slits of their lower lips. On your last day, you will be driving the whole day back to Addis Ababa however; depending on your time you visit Ziway Lake, one of the many rift valley lakes that the southern part of the country hosts. 


DAY 1) Friday November 25, 2011

Board Ethiopian Airlines 135 in Addis Ababa at 13:00 hrs and arrive at Arba Minch at 14:00 hrs. Short transfer to our accommodation, check in. Our first destination is the nearby Nech Sar National Park, and wildlife is the main attraction, thus we have another early breakfast in order to be in the park for the best morning lights, when wildlife is most active. Nech Sar is known for its great scenery and rare species, which include Burchell's Zebra, Swayne's Hartebeest and Lesser Kudu, as well as more common ones like Plains Zebra, Greater Kudu, Grant's Gazelle, bushbuck, warthog, Anubis Baboon and Black-backed Jackal to name a few. We will also keep an eye open for unique and endemic bird species. We return to our accommodation at dark and have an enjoyable dinner.

Accommodation. Paradise Lodge

DAY 2) Saturday November 26,2011 

Extremely early (4 am) drive to Turmi, check in at our hotel early afternoon, very quick lunch, depart for Omorate. First we drive to the Omo River and cross it, in order to reach a village on the other side, called Omorate. This area is inhabited by the Daasanach people, known for their very basic house designs and body painting. We stay with them for a couple of hours, then return to lodge for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation: Buska Lodge

DAY 3) Sunday November 27, 2012 

Today we are moving our base of exploration about 120 north of Turmi, to a small township called Jinka. Once we depart after breakfast, we head west on the road we drove on from Arba Minch, but soon take off northbound, towards a village called Dimeka. The place itself isn't very picturesque, but every Friday, the nearby Hamar settlements all gather in Dimeka for a colorful market and the bland landscape serves as a superb backdrop. We stop here for a couple of hours to visit a Banna village, followed by the market to watch the people, animals and all sorts of products pass by, before we keep traveling north. Our next port of call is a beautiful acacia tree, under which we take our packed lunches, before we continue on. We also stop for a short break and a drink in Key Afer, before we keep pushing forward, until we reach Jinka, our final destination today. We quickly check in at our safari camp, and if our timing is good, we will have enough time left to visit a village of the Ari people in the outskirts of Jinka. We will be back to our accommodation at sunset and retire early right after our delicious local dinner.

Accommodation: Eco-Omo Lodge

DAY 4) Monday November 28, 2012 

Today we arise to yet another great day of exploration in Southern Ethiopia. As early as 4 am, we shall board our vehicles and start a 40km drive southward, to Mago, one of the most remote national parks of the country. Although Mago NP has quite a few buffaloes, zebras and other antelopes to see, its main attraction is the scenery and its people. The park is divided into two sections by the Mago River, which supports acacia forests and the interesting Neri Swamp, before it joins the Omo River. We drive directly into the area of the famous Mursi people. The Mursi women are well known for their piercing of their lips and inserting a large wooden plate into it. They also employ other unique body piercing and build interesting houses, so it is very unique experience to be able to spend half a day in their village, exploring their lifestyle and getting to know a few families. After a few villages and a few hours of exploration, we drive back out from the park and drive all the way to Arba Minch today, with a lunch en route.

Accommodation. Paradise Lodge

DAY 5) Tuesday November 29, 2012 

For one more time, we have a long day of driving ahead of us, all the way back to Addis Ababa. Today we are taking a route that is different from the one we came on, so there will be a lot of new things for us to see. We shall leave our hotel as early as 6 in the morning, and will have a lunch break in Shashemene, the town famous for its rastafari community. From here on, we are visibly traveling on the bottom of the Great Rift Valley, which is scattered with soda lakes, supporting a great variety of birdlife. Depending on our timing, we will attempt to visit at least one of the lakes – most probably Lake Ziway futher north. The forests around the lake contain many endemic or interesting bird species, such as Yellow-fronted Parrots, Black-headed Forest Orioles, Golden-backed Woodpeckers, Grosbeak Weavers and Mountain Wagtails, many of which we will attempt to see. From here we continue on northbound, until we reach Addis Ababa just around sunset. We take our well-deserved comfortable rooms in our familiar hotel and will gather for a fantastic dinner from our five star chefs. Early bedtime, in preparations for the second leg of our trip; which will take us to the historic northern part of the country.

Accommodation: Dreamliner Hotel

DAY 6) Wednesday November 30, 2012 

After breakfast, transfer and drop off at Addis Ababa airport at 9 am.

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