Ari People

The Ari inhabit the northern border of the Mago National Park.

They have a population of about 120,000.They keep large number of live stock and produce large amounts of honey, often used for trade. The women wear unique skirts made of special kind of plant which does not wear easily. Now a day the Ari women are not seen wearing them except in special occasions.
The Ari land is exceptionally green and scenic. They grow wide range of crops like wheat,barley,maize,coffee,cardamon and some more root plants.
Walking through the green mountains of Ari in southern Ethiopia one would recognize that some of the attractive grass-roofed houses of the Ari people are decorated with beautiful wall-paintings in natural colors. In Ari, painting is done by women. Women plaster the walls of their houses with mud and renew the walls and floors of their houses regularly. The word for wall-paintings in Ari is bartsi what means "giving beauty" and the paintings are done by women who are skilled. As Sambetti Galshi expressed it "men just farm the whole day, that's why they don't know how to paint."
The women who decorate their houses, all have their own personal style of painting; they paint not only different patterns and motifs, but they also use different materials and colors. The motifs and patterns will be explained with each individual painting. For painting, the women use their fingers, hen feathers and sticks of yams plants. The colors found on houses are made out of ground charcoal, battery acid,ash,light soil, red soil, cow dung and water.

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