The Omo River

The Omo river, which flows for about 1000 kilometers long, rises in the Shewan highlands more specifically from Mt. Amara and is a perennial river with many tributaries feeding it on its way. The end of the Omo river is discovered as recently as 1896 by the famous Italian explorer Vittorio Bottego-the man who is also responsible for the exploration of the land which is known as the Lower Omo Valley. 

In its course the Omo River has a total fall of about 6000 ft (2,000 m), from an elevation of 7600 ft at its source to 1600 ft at lake-level, and is consequently a very rapid stream, being broken by the Kokobi and other falls, and navigable only for a short distance above where it empties into Lake Turkana, one of the lakes of the Great Rift Valley.
In its upper course the river is known by the name Gibe.Bele Bridge is an important land mark that separates the upper and the lower omo and where rafters end their course of the upper Omo and begin their trip towards the lower Omo .Tributaries include the Wabi, Mago and Gojeb Rivers.
At the Omo River entrance to Lake Turkana, there has developed a highly complex and spatially fluctuating floodplain and delta.The Delta has grown extensively in the last 15 years. Certainly, the delta growth may be an indicator of regional or global climatic changes. The growth of the delta appears to be primarily a result of decreased lake levels. 
The expansion of the delta may create some unique environmental opportunities and may have some important positive results. In a world where wetlands have been rapidly decreasing, here a large wetland has been created in an otherwise arid landscape. The expansion of the delta wetland is potentially maintaining or increasing the biodiversity of fauna and flora, both locally and regionally. 

The entire Omo river basin is also important geologically and archaeologically. Several hominid fossils and archaeological findings, dating to the Pliocene and Pleistocene, have been excavated by French and American teams.

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