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TST 2012
Melka Kunture, Adadimariam, Tiya Steles
Melaka Kunture is an archaeological site near the Awash River...
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Title: Melkakunture,Adadimariam,Tiya Steles

Tour Code: TST 2012

Duration: One day

Included visits/activities

What ever your reason when coming to Ethiopia, you can spare few days to explore the surrounding tourist interest destinations at short distances from Addis Ababa. Take a look at the following suggested tour itineraries; please note you can always ask for a program that exactly fits in to your time and interest:

Melaka Kunture is an archaeological site near the Awash River. Stone tools dating back from 1.5 -1.8 million years were discovered there. Another rock-hewn church believed to have been constructed by King Lalibela .Also the Tiya stele Park a site recorded by UNESCO as world heritage site will also be part of this tour.

Optionally other places that take one day from Addis are:

1. Gefersa , Menagesha and Addis Alam
2. Debrelibanos Monastery, Old Portuguese Bridge
3. Sodere Resort and DebreZeit lakes.



Day 01

Excursions to visit the open archaeological museum of Melka Kunture.You are able to see pre- historic human tools and fossils. Besides, you visit the rock hewn churches of Adadi Mariam where you have the chance to analyze the continuous tradition of Ethiopian rock hewn church building tradition all the way from Axumit time till the time of Zagwe daynasty (Lalibela rock hewn churches).  After you eat your picnic launch, you will drive to visit Tiya (World Heritage Site by UNSECO). This site is famous for its ancient monolithic stele which is engraved with some fascinating symbols. Then you drive back to Addis Ababa.

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