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TST 2021
Debre Libanos, Rift Valley and Bale Birding
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Title:Debre Libanos, Rift Valley and Bale Birding

Tour Code:TST 2021

Duration: 9 nights/10 days


On the day of Arrival, you meet our representative and get transferred to Hotel. In the next two consecutive days, short excursion from Addis Ababa takes you to Menagesha forest, Gefersa Reservoir, Sululta plain and Debre Libanos Monastery. Then, your drive across the rift valley enables you to encounter some wetland and water Birds at Chelekleka wetland, Kokadam, Lake Ziway and brings you to Wondogenet. A walk in the lush forest of Wondogenet and the surrounding green hill with their natural thermal springs awaits you with many beautiful birds and few endemics. Then, with few stops en route and a major stop at Dinsho, head quarter Bale N/P, for endemic birds, you drive across the south eastern Arsi-Bale Massifs to Goba. Your Excursion from Goba on the following day brings you to Senetti Plateau (the largest moorland tract in Africa) and the Harena escarpment. Here, in addition to the endemic Ethiopian Wolf and its especial pray, you will be able to spot highland birds. The next place to visit is the Lake shore of Hawassa and the surrounding woodland. After this, you visit Hawassa fish market and its birdlife to proceed to Abijata-Shalla Lakes Park and Langano. Finally, you go birding in the acacia woodland of Langano resort and the surrounding escarpment to seal your tour this evening with an invitation of a fabulous traditional dinner. Get transferred to airport and depart.



Day 01)

Arrive in Addis Ababa, meet our representative and get transferred to the hotel.

Overnight: Jupiter International Hotel

Day 2)

Set out for an excursion drive to Menagesha forest for grand birding tour. Enroute make a short stop over at Geferssa reservoir which supplies Addis Ababa with its water. This reservoir is home to pelicans, cormorants and Egyptian geese. Then, return to Addis Ababa

Overnight: Jupiter International Hotel


You will have excursion drives to Debre Libanos Monastery. Sululta and Debre Libanos plains are reach in Afro tropical species of birds.( Ruppel's Chat, White billed starling, white winged Cliff Chat, Abyssinian wood pecker, White checked Turaco, Black headed forest Oriole, White backed black Tit, Erckell's Francolin, Lanner Falcon, Verreaux's Eagle, Egyptian and White backed vultures).Then, return to Addis Ababa.

Overnight: Jupiter International Hotel

Day 04)

Drive along the rift valley to Wondogenet. On the way there, you will have three stop over; at Chelekleka wet land near Debre Zeit, at Koka Dam near Awash River Bridge which offers good variety of water and woodland birds and then at Lake Ziway that provides Lesser Jacana, Lesser moorhen, African pygmy Goose, Black Heron, Crowned crane, Gray headed and Lesser baked Gull, Common snipe, Glossy and Hadada Ibis, Little and Tem Mick's Stints, Red throated Pipit, Pink backed and Great white pelicans. In addition to this, the woodland provides birds like Masked Shrike, Carmine Bee eaters, Wattled and superb starlings, Black headed bats, African Thrush, Beautiful and Marques sunbirds, Nubian and bearded wood peckers, African Harrier hawk, Verreaux's Eagle Owl, Slender tailed Night jar, Dederic and Klaas's Cuckoos, Black billed wood Hoopoe etc.

Overnight: Wabishebele Hotel


In the morning, go birding in around Wondogenet. Target Birds include endemic birds of Yellow fronted parrot, Abyssinian woodpecker, Banded Barbet, and more non-endemics such as Double toothed Barbet, Yellow fronted Tinker bird, Half collared Kingfisher, Narina's Trogon, White checked Turaco, Red shouldered and Emerald Cuckoo, Lesser striped Swallow, Black sawing, Bronze Manikin, Yellow bellied Waxbill, Scaly Francolin, Abyssinian ground Thrush, Spectacled and Grosbeak weavers, Lemon and Tambourine doves, Olive pigeon, Silvery Checked Hornbill, Steppie buzzard, Crowned eagle, Ayer's hawk Eagle, Fantailed and Thick billed Ravens, African Little sparrow hawk, Crested Eagle, African Harrier Hawk, Sharp's Starling, Broad billed Roller, Blue headed coucal, Scaly and Lesser Honey Guides, Mountain Wagtail, Blue spotted Wood dove, Abyssinian Hill Babbler, Grey Cuckoo Shrikes etc. once in Wondogent you can walk in the lush forests of the surrounding green area or relax in the natural.

Overnight: Wabishebele Hotel

Day 06)

Then, we drive across the South-eastern Arsi-Bale high massifs to Dinsho. Look out for road side birding as you progress to Goba.

Overnight: Dinsho Guest House


Go birding at Dinsho (head quarters of Bale Mountain National Park) and Gaysay where in addition to the elegant endemics such as Mountain Nayala and Minelik's Bush Buck, you visit birds like Abyssinian Cat bird, Tropical boubou, White backed black tit, Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Night jars, White collard Pigeon, Rouget’s Rail, Black headed Siskin, Abyssinian Long claw, Wattled Ibis, Chestnut napped francolin, African singing bush Lark etc. then continue to Goba

Overnight: Goba Wabishebele Hotel


Proceed to Hawassa town and go birding by the shore of Lake Hawassa; Hawassa Fish Market and the surrounding woodland. The birds includes Huegline's Robin Chat, Willow and Lesser swamp Warblers, Red breasted Wryneck, Woodland and grey Kingfisher, Spotted creeper, Painted snipe, Biant Kingfisher, African Thrush, Senegal Thicknee, Green shank, Black headed Batis, Little and Spectacled Weavers, Red Shouldered Cuckoo Shrike and Beautiful sunbirds.

Overnight: Lewi Resort


Drive to Langano and set out for birding in the acacia woodland of Langano resort and Abijata-Shala National Park where you can spot Dark chanting Goshawks, Hempric's and Von der Decken's hornbills, Blue napped mouse birds, Banded Barbet, Red headed weaver, Rattling Cistcola, Yellow rumped Serine, Black checked Waxbill, Little Rock Thrush, Greater and Lesser Honey guides, Shallow's Wheatear, Fawn colored Lark, Spotted eagle owl, Marico Sunbird, Bearded Woodpecker, Sulpher breasted and Grey-headed bush shrike, Slate collared Bobou, White bellied Go away bird,  etc. Birding around Abijata-Shala National Park includes Barefaced Go away bird, Helmet Shrikes, Fawn colored Lark, Rattling and Boran Cisticolas, Von der Decken’s Hornbill, Rufous crowned Roller, Brubru and Black billed wood hoopoes, and Lesser Flamingoes.

Overnight: Wabishebele Hotel


Drive back to Addis Ababa.  In getting there, go for shopping and in the evening, you are invited farewell dinner in one of the best traditional restaurants of the capital for a great cultural dish. Then, transfer to the airport and depart.

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