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TST 3002
Tigray Rock Hewn churches and lalibela
A flight to Axum will commence your exploration of the...
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Title: -Tigray Rock Hewn churches and lalibela

Tour Code: TST 3002

Duration: 14 nights and 15 days

In a country of long history and diverse races there are many things to inspire and satisfy the interest of culture seekers. Take a look at the following suggested tour itineraries; please note you can always ask for a program that exactly fits into your time and interest:

A flight to Axum will commence your exploration of the Tigray rock hewn churches. After visiting about six archaeological sites with in the city of Axum, which includes the Axum obelisk, you will continue to visit Yeha and Debre Damo and make your overnight at Adigrat. Then the real exploration of Tigray Rock Hewn churches begin , on the first day night you will cover Petros Paulos, MiChael Milazagnie, Adikesho Medhanialem plus Wukro Kirkos. Your second day will cover Abreha We atsbeha, Dugum Selassie, Yohanis Makudi, Debretsion on this day you need a lunch box. Then follows Maram Korkur and Abune Yemata. The next group of churches will be Atsbi Cluster of churches, which include Michael Imba, Debreselam Michael, and Michael Barka. This visit also needs a Lunch box. Next, drive to Mekele (Capital of Tigray Region), proceed to Abi Adi to pass your over night in a Pension. You will visit Aba Yohanni (allowed only for men) and Gebriel Wuken. Driving back to Mekele, you will continue to Lalibela to visit the eleven rock hewn churches, Asheton Mariam, Nakuteleab and Yimrehana Kiristos. Then you will fly back to Addis.


This tour is one of the most challenging but rewarding tour programs for those who have great interest in Architecture, old paintings, and scenery and trekking. However, it demands physical strength, good health condition with some trekking, height and altitude experience. If you do not want to include Lalibela churches, you can complete the Tigray churches with in 9 nights and 10 days.


Day 01

Arrive in Addis Ababa meet our representatives, and transfer to hotel.

Overnight-Jupiter International Hotel / Similar Hotel

Day 02

In the morning, transfer to the airport to fly to Axum. In Axum (world heritage site), Visit the famous stele park with its ancient huge monolithic obelisks, ruined palaces of different Axumit kings including that of the Queen of Sheba, ancient stone inscriptions, subterranean tombs, the small but rich archeological site museum of Axum and the church of St. Mary of Zion where the original Ark of the Covenant is believed to be housed etc.

 Overnight- Remhai Hotel/Similar Hotel

Day 03

You drive to the small town of Adigrat; En-route visits the ancient Temple of Yeha (5th. C.BC), and climb the built up monastery of DebreDamo which is allowed only for men, then continue to Adigrat.

Overnight-Central Agame Hotel/Similar Hotel

Day 04

Visit Petros Paulos is semi-rock hewn church which is known by its delightful old murals. Mikael Milahazangie is known by its carved ceiling and domes. Then, after visiting Adikesho Medhanialem church you will continue driving to Wukro cherkose church.

Overnight- Axum Hotel /Similar Hotel

Day 05

Visit Rock Churches of AbrehaAtsbeha –said to be built by Ezana and Saizan (two brothers kings of Ethiopia) about 10th century.  Yohanis Makudi is rectangular chapel has six pillars which support a ceiling curved with geometrical designs. It is known by well preserved wall murals

Overnight-Gheralta Lodge

Day 06

Visit Dugum Selassie which has beautifully carved ceiling above the maqdas (sanctuary).Debre Tsion (Abune Abraham) has rectangular shape. Known by bas-reliefs and carved crosses on the walls and ceiling.

Overnight-Gheralta Lodge

Day 07

Visit Mariam Korkur which is cross-shaped church. It is known by its decoration, carving (columns, arches and cupolas) and fine frescoes. Abune Yemata is famous in its well preserved frescoes and challenging to climb. It takes about one hour.

Overnight-Gheralta Lodge

Day 08

Visit Michael Imba 9 kms south of Astbi cluster churches. It has lovely vaulting and good view from top. Then, drive back to Mekele.

Overnight-Axum Hotel/similar Hotel

Day 09

Visit Debre Selam Michael which is ’church with in a church’ and Michael Barka small church shaped like cross and dated about 13th century.

Overnight-Axum Hotel/similar Hotel

Day 10

Drive to AbiAdi church. After that, continue visiting Aba Yohanni (only for men) 15 kms and 1 km walk from Abi Adi and also needs short climb with footholds. Gebriel Wuken is 16kms north of Abi Adi. It features well-carved, interesting freestanding pillars.

Overnight-Axum Hotel /similar

Day 11

After early breakfast leave Mekele and drive to Lalibela passing through the stunning scenery of the North central Massif and the Tigrean plateau arriving Lalibela late afternoon.

Overnight-Mountain View Hotel /similar

Day 12

In the morning, mule ride to visit Asheten Mariam monastery at 3000Mts. altitude. The 360-degree view from the summit over the surrounding land and villages is fantastic. In the afternoon, visit the first group of King Lalibela's 12th.C.Rockhewn churches (World Heritage Site).Although all of these churches are carved out of huge blocks of rocks, each of them displays unique architectural features from the other.

Overnight- Mountain View Hotel /similar

Day 13

Excursion to visit built up church of Yimrehane Kirstos-2nd group of churches in the afternoon.

Overnight-Mountain View Hotel/similar

Day 14

Visit the semi- rock hewn churches of Nakutola’ab church. Then, you get transferred to the airport and fly back to Addis. Finally you are invited to farewell dinner at one of the cultural restaurant of Addis where you are able to enjoy Ethiopian traditional dishes with Folkloric dancers. Transfer to your departure flight.

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