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About Ethiopian Calendar, a land of 13 months of sun shine

Written by  Fekade Daniel
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Come to the cradle of man kind and be seven years Younger!

Ethiopia's calendar is  based on the Julian counting system and is roughly 7 and half years behind the western Gregorian calendar.Thus 2014-15 is 2007 in Ethiopian calendar and 2008 begins in September 12 2015. The Julian calendar is named after Julius Caesar, and developed as a result of a dispute over the exact date of Christ's birth. Unlike Western Gregorian calendar Ethiopia's day coutning is made of 12 months of 30 days each and one month (known as 13th month; and how we got our name: 13 Suns Tours ) of five or six days in leap year. Hence we, 13 Suns Tours challenge you to visit Ethiopia, with 13 months of sun shine and feel seven years younger!

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