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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 06:28

Buhe Celebration

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Buhe is a Christian holiday celebration in Ethiopia which is held every year on August 19 G.C (or Nähase 13 Ethiopian calendar). On this day, the churches commemorate the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount DebreTabor. People in every neighborhood tie a bundle of sticks together to make a thing called ‘Chibo’ (it’s is widely available for sell). Then they will set it on fire while singing songs that is just meant for this special day. The main song is called "Hoya Hoye" with one singer singing while the others follow in a rhythmic way. It involves Bands of young boys singing and jostling until they are given some fresh dough (buhe). However you should know that this custom that was pass down from generation to generation for so long is now being replaced by money reward around big cities. In light of this, one would be happy to learn the original theme is still in a more intact manner than those modern influenced cities. So come and enjoy this festivity with Ethiopian through 13SUNS TOURS!!!!

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