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TST 3005
Trekking and nature tour
This tour is suitable to nature lovers and those...
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Title: Trekking and nature tour

Tour Code:TST 3005

Duration : 20 nights and 21 days

Included visits/activities

On the first day of arrival, you meet our representative and get transferred to hotel. Then, you fly to the medieval city of Gondar to visit the magnificent Imperial Castles compound which was the center of politics in the first half of 17thC.Also you visit the bath of King Fasiledas and the most famous church of Debrebirhan sellassie to admire the Ethiopian church paintings style in its superb form. After that, you enter to Semien National Park to overnight at Sankaber camp site. On the coming three consecutive days, you trek to Geech, Chenek and Buwahit via Geeech village, Jinbar Falls, Inateye, Kurbet Metaya, Saha Gorge and Imetgogo. Then, you fly back to Addis Ababa and have a half day city tour of the capital of Africa that includes the National Museum, the Holy Trinity Cathedral church and Merkato, the largest open market of Africa. On the next day, you drive to small town of Dodolla. On the coming four consecutive days, you trek to Angafu, Adele, Mololicho and Herero. After meeting the cars at Herero, you drive to Dinsho, the head quarter of Bale Mountain National Park and visit the park. On the next day, you have an excursion to Senetti plateau where you are able to see the endemic Ethiopian Wolf and fauna of the surrounding. In addition, you have another excursion to Sof Omer cave and back to Goba for overnight. Then, you drive to the lakeshore city of Hawassa and visit the Hawassa fish market on the next day morning. After that, you drive to the small town of Yabello by visiting Tutufella stele site. Next, you have an excursion to Elsod Crater Lake and Dublock (Borena singing well), where you are able to see extraction of salt by the local people passionately. After that, you drive to Konso where you visit the Konso people, their chief house and their beautiful terraced landscape. Your next spot will be Arbaminch and visit the Dorze village with their unique handcraft and house structure. On the next day, you visit Netchsar National Park and have boat trip on Lake Chamo where you have the opportunity to see the great Nile crocodiles and Hippos. Finally, you drive back to Addis Ababa via Tiya stele site and have farewell dinner at one of the traditional restaurant of Addis where you enjoy Ethiopian folkloric dances and traditional dinner.



Day 01)

Arrive in Addis Ababa, meet our staff and get transferred to the hotel

Overnight: Jupiter International Hotel

Day 02)

Fly to Gondar and tour Gondar town which includes the visit of the Royal Enclosure with its magnificent castles dated from the 17th and 18th century (world heritage site), the bath of king Fasiledes, and  the remarkable church of Debrebrihan Selassie with its breathtaking 17th century wall and ceiling paintings.

Overnight: Goha Hotel

Day 03)

Drive from Gondar via Debark to the Semien Mountains National Park up to Sankaber; acclimatization and preparation for trekking, and then walk to the surrounding escarpment and viewpoints of Sankaber.

Overnight: Camping

Day 04)

Trek from Sankaber via Jinbar Falls and Geech village to Geech. En-route you have chance to see one of the endemic animals of the park; the bleeding heart baboon or Gelada baboon.

Overnight: Camping

Day 05)

Trek via Geech, Imetgogo (3926mts) and Kurbet Metaya to Chenek. On this day you will have the opportunity to see Walia Ibex.

Overnight: Camping

Day 06)

Trek half way to Buwahit drive back to Gondar.

Overnight: Goha Hotel

Day 07)

Get transferred to the airport and fly back to Addis Ababa. Then, go sightseeing tour in Addis Ababa which includes the Ethnological Museum in the former palace of King Hailesillassie, the National (Archaeological) Museum and the superb Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Overnight: Jupiter International Hotel

Day 08)

Drive from Addis Ababa via the Rift Valley of Ethiopia and across the South-eastern Arsi-Bale Massifs to Dodolla.

Overnight: Dodolla Motel

Day 09)

Go horse ride trekking to Angafu camp site.

Overnight: Camping/Forest Hut

Day 10)

Continue horse ridden trek up until you reach Adele camping site.

Overnight: Camping/Forest Hut

Day 11)

Horse Trek in this pristine and peaceful land to Mololicho.

Overnight: Camping/Forest Hut 

Day 12)

In the morning, trek back and meet the vehicle to drive to Dinsho (head quarter of Bale Mountain national Park). Walk around the headquarters and Gaysay to visit mammals such as the magnificent Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s bushbuck, Bohor reedbucks, Warthogs and different endemic birds. Then, proceed to Goba.
Overnight: Goba Wabishebele Hotel

Day 13)

Excursion along the highest all weather road of Africa to the largest moorland tract in Africa called Senetti plateau where you can visit the endemic Ethiopian Wolf and its special pray _ the Gaint mole rats. In addition to Senetti Plateau you see the Harrena escarpment and Forest. Then by including Mountain Tullu Dimtu (4377M), drive down to Goba. 

Overnight: Goba Wabishebele Hotel

Day 14)

Excursion to Sof Omar Cave; this 15kms natural cave system is one of the most sophisticated natural caves in Africa which is created by the underground waters of the Weiyb river system.

Overnight: Goba Wabishebele Hotel

Day 15)

Proceed from Goba to the lake shore city of Awassa and visit Lake Awassa and its fish market. There are lots of bird species; for instance, Silvery-cheeked horn-bill, and Abyssinian ground horn-bill feeding on the fish market left over.

Overnight: Lewi Resort

Day 16)

Drive across the beautiful coffee land of the Sidama people to Yabello. On the way at around Wenago, you visit the Tutufella Stones Site.

Overnight: Yabello Motel

Day 17)

From Yabello, visit Elsod crater where down the crater Borena men extract salt for their cattle and also the Borena singing wells at Dublock

Overnight: Yabello Motel

Day 18)

Drive to Konso town. The Konso people are famous for their traditional terracing system and Waka Totem (Grave wooden totem). Today, you will be able to visit the compound and house of the Chief of Kertita Clan and his chiefly artifacts plus you will visit Konso’s museum. En-route, you see the beautiful terraced agricultural fields of the Konso.

Overnight: Kenta Lodge

Day 19)

Drive to Arbaminch from where you will go excursion drive to the highland people of Dorze. In getting there, visit their excellent beehive shaped bamboo houses, fertile grounds of false banana and colorful waving products. Then drive back to Arbaminch.

Overnight: Swaynes Hotel

Day 20)

Early morning game drive in Netch Sar National Park to visit the endemic Swaynes heart beest, Kudu, Antelopes, Zebras, and the view of Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo. Situated between two of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley Lakes, this park is one of the most scenic national parks in Africa. In the afternoon, you will have boat trip on Lake Chamo to visit some herds of hippo, aquatic birdlife, and huge sunbathing crocodiles on its shore.

Overnight: Swaynes Hotel

Day 21)

Drive from Arbaminch to Addis Ababa. En-route you visit Tiya (World Heritage Site by UNSCO). This site is famous for its ancient monolithic stele which is engraved with some fascinating symbols. In the evening, you are invited farewell dinner in one of the best cultural restaurant in the capital. Then, get transferred to the airport and depart.

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