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If you have fallen in love with photography, and if “painting with light” has become a passion and a way to express yourself and explore your world, then consider Ethiopia to be one of the ultimate photographic spots on which to build your passion. An avid photographer who lusts after superb objects of photography should seriously consider coming to Ethiopia to thoroughly enjoys his photographic vacation.

The scenery in Ethiopia is spectacular and dramatic.The people and cultures are distinctive and photogenic.The country offers the photographer a wide and exciting range of subjects. Ethiopia's stunning scenic heritage unfolds in an ever-changing panorama of sharp -cliff- mountains, dramatic skies, and pastoral countryside. In a single photographic tour one comes out with a blend of scenic, wildlife, exotic tribes, ancient art, architecture photographs and much more...

For a good idea of what one gets in Ethiopia as a photographer please consider reading "African Ark " by Carol Beckworth and Angela Fisher,"Bless Ethiopia " by Kezyoshi Nomachi and "The mountain of Rasselas" by Thomas Pakenham. They are coffee-table books with stunning photographs of people and their heritages.

Outside of the usual prohibition against taking pictures of military sites and presidential palaces ,few rules exist beyound those of courtesy.

Be part of one of Ethiopian photographic tours to capture images of superlative value!

Harrar, Dire Dawa and Awash National Park

The first day, you drive to the town of Harrar (walled and Islamic holy city) and get transferred to hotel. During the night time you visit the Hyena man performance where hyenas are feed by a man........
Harrar, Dire Dawa and Awash National Park

Historic Route & Omo Valley

This tour covers the south and north part of Ethiopia.
Historic Route & Omo Valley

Omo Valley

On the first day, you arrive in Addis Abeba and meet our representative to get transferred to hotel. On the following day, you drive to Arbaminch by visiting the stele of Tiya....
Omo Valley

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