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The company is named after the thirteen months of sunshine the country enjoys. Ethiopia is one of the few countries of the world which possesses its own calendar.

30617288 - narrow alleyway of ancient city of jugol in the morning  harar  ethiopia
37337258 - arbore, ethiopia, 13 august:unidentified young woman from arbore tribe in arbore, ethiopia, on 13 august 2014. arbore women use black veils to protect themselves from the sun and a lot of bead necklaces as personal decoration

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The Ethiopian calendar is composed of twelve months, having thirty days each-and a final month called “pagume”, with 5 or 6 days to compensate for the deficit. The calendar counts its new year from September and is behind the Gregorian calendar by 7 or 8 years.

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30617288 - narrow alleyway of ancient city of jugol in the morning  harar  ethiopia

we give you the best of us

The Management

13 Suns Tours is managed by a board of six members all of whom are professionals and experienced in the field of tourism. The staff possesses practical knowledge in tour operations which enables them to communicate with customers, design attractive tour programs at a reasonable price and organize the whole tour process. They are also trained in professional guiding and have sufficient field experience. They speak English, French & Italian. There are also part-time staffs who speak German, and Spanish. They have all been with tourists in different parts of Ethiopia, so they know how to handle their clients.

Our drivers can communicate in English. They have sufficient field training to enable them be both drivers and guides. They are preferred by those tourists who want to have driver guide. When they drive our land cruisers and buses, their experience in driving can be noticed within few hours of drive. While camping, we have cooks that will serve you with hotel standard meals both local and European. We say “come to Ethiopia!” we can assure you of quality service. In the hands of our staff you are just “home away from home!”