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Bale Mountains and Soaf Omar Cave


The Bale mountains National park is one of the most beautiful parks with rich endemic plants and animals. It is often called an Island in the air. At Dinsho, where you pay entrance fees for the national park you can visit the Mountain Nyala and Kudus in the surrounding compound. As you make a game drive in the national park you have a chance to visit the Ethiopian Endemic red fox at Senete Plateau, Tullu Dimtu mountain peak and Harena Forest is another attraction of the area . An excursion drive to Sof Omar Cave will end your visit. The cave is one of the most sophisticated natural caves in Africa , it is said to be about 15 Kms Long. Finally drive all the way back to Addis Ababa and dine farewell diner before flying back to your home Remark On your way back to Addis, if you have one more day you can spen half a day at Wondogenet Resort area and do some walk in the forest and experience the natural hot spring.



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