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Visa and Passport


Citizens of 36 countries can now get visas on arrival, visitors from other countries should obtain visas from the Ethiopian Embassy in the their country of residence. If there is no Ethiopian Embassy, arrangements can be made through tour operators to obtain one on arrival at the airport.

List of Tourist Generating Countries

Tourist Generating countries are eligible to obtain tourist visa on arrival at Bole International Airport

[Argentina] [Australia] [Austria] [Belgium] [Brazil] [Canada] [Check republic] [Denmark] [Finland] [France] [Germany] [Greece] [India] [Ireland] [Israel] [Italy] [Japan] [Korea Republic] [Kuwait] [Luxembourg] [Mexico] [Netherlands] [Newzealand] [Norway] [North Korea] [Poland] [Portugal] [Russian Federation] [Slovakia] [South Africa] [Spain] [Sweden] [Switzerland] [Thailand] [United Kingdom] [United States]

Tourist visa at Bole International Air Port

Tourist visas can be issued on arrival at Bole International Airport if one of the following two conditions is true:- Foreign nationals who are coming from countries where there is no Ethiopian Mission,Foreign nationals coming from internationally recognized tourist-generating countries. Up to now about 36 countries are listed by Ethiopia as tourist Generating countries. Applicants should be permanent residents in these countries and they can apply for a single or multiple tourist visas valid for 1 month. For such arrangement one will be required to pay $50.00USD per visa.

Business Visa by Ethiopian Missions

This type of visa is issued:-

  1. For those who frequently travel for governmental business,
  2. For those who are coming to conduct researches and other studies by their own,
  3. For those who are coming to participate and conduct workshops, seminars and other similar activities for a short period of time but do not have employer-labor contractual relation and are not obliged to get resident and work permit,
  4. For members of international, regional, and sub-regional organizations who are coming to attend brief meetings and other businesses and for members of Diplomatic Missions resident in Ethiopia who are coming for official business,
  5. For employees of different airliners who conduct airline businesses,

    1. As per the request of the applicants
    2. A single entry business visa valid for 3 months,
    3. A multiple entry business visa valid for 3 months,
    4. For those organizations who have good track-record on trade, investment and other development activities in Ethiopia a multiple business visa valid for 6 months can be issued based on their request &
    5. A multiple entry business visa valid for 6 months is issued to Ethiopians by birth/blood but acquired other citizenship and who frequently travel for investment purposes.