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Above all, you have a chance to visit of “Lucy” or “Denkinesh” which enables Ethiopia to be called as the “cradle of human beings”. Then, you visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral church where you can see the Ethiopian Orthodox church structures with stained-glass windows decorated by the story of the Old and New Testament. In Addition, you have a chance to see the majestic Tomb of Emperor Haile selassie and crypt of his family inside the church. After having your lunch, you visit the Ethiopian Ethnographical Museum where you are able to visit the cultural collections of the people of Ethiopia starting from childhood till death. During your visit of the museum, you have the opportunity of visiting the traditional musical instruments, crosses and painting of Ethiopia. Above all, you have the chance to see some of Emperor Haile selassie’s private collection situated in his private rooms. Besides, you visit the postal Museum of Ethiopia in order to see the different collection of stamps. Within your one day stay in Addis, it is inevitable to visit “Merkato”, the largest opening market of Africa where you have the opportunity to visit different market spots including, the spice market, “Chat” or “Khat” market and basketries.



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